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Workplace Safety Poem

Updated: Apr 25

I want to share a poem that I wrote in 2014. This poem started as an assignment for my English class in high school. My mom was amazed by the poem and sent it to the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta. As such, this poem was first published in WCB-Alberta's WorkSIGHT magazine Summer 2014 edition.

After my dad died in a workplace safety incident in 2008, I became dedicated to promoting safety. This poem is based on my personal experiences and views following my dad's death.

Work Safety

When you go to work in the morning

Don't just think of yourself

Whether you have a family or not

Other people do

Safety meetings go on and on don't they

At the time they don't seem important

But they are

Don't disregard them


One day the information may be important

It may even save a life and a family's despair

You may feel you know your job well

You don't want to waste your time

You go for a shortcut

The shortest isn't always the safest

What if a life is lost?

Could you live with yourself?

Knowing it was your decision

Maybe you don't even think about the consequences

You don't think about everyone affected

By one mistake

Or maybe it's even many mistakes

Safety isn't a joke

But there will always be that one guy

The guy that tries to say the safety meetings are pointless

You can't go back in time

You can't undo mistakes

You can't take away an injury

And you definitely can't give back a life

-Alyssa Grocutt ©

I welcome anyone who is moved by this poem to use it in their own workplaces. All that I ask is that you acknowledge, or give credit to, myself, Alyssa Grocutt.

If you are interested in reading more of mine and my mom's story, WCB-Alberta published a story on us in their WorkSIGHT magazine Spring 2010 edition.

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