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Research Assistant 

Individual and Team Performance (ITP) Lab
Department of Psychology, University of Calgary

From Fall 2016 to Summer 2020 I worked as a Research Assistant (RA) in Dr. Thomas O'Neill's Individual and Team Performance (ITP) Lab. This was the beginning of me research experience during my undergraduate degree. It was an incredible start and I am thankful for all of the opportunities Dr. O'Neill and the ITP Lab offered me.

During my time in the ITP Lab, I was able to attend and help facilitate team development workshops within the university. We primarily did these workshops for engineering classes, most often first year or capstone courses. We would also occasionally do these workshops for entrepreneurial classes. Part of these workshops involved taking either personality assessments, conflict management assessments, or completing team dynamics and peer feedback. This was all done with assessments on I highly recommend checking out the website and trying out the assessments. 

In addition, I was able to attend conferences on behalf of the lab to present workshops. For example, I attended the Conceive Design Implement Operate (CDIO) conference in Japan in 2018 to present a conflict management workshop. 

Finally, each year that I was part of the ITP Lab I contributed to an internal report on teamwork for the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. This report involved surveying the whole undergraduate engineering student population on their teamwork perceptions and writing a report on the results. In 2017, I was part of the team working on this report. The subsequent three years, from 2018-2020, I was the project lead. In this role, I worked with colleagues in the engineering department to carry out this project. I was responsible for confirming the contents of the survey, setting up and administering the online survey, coordinating prize giveaways, collecting and analyzing the data, and writing up the report. Each year I had two other RAs from the ITP Lab helping me on the project. We would divide the data analyses and writing portions of the project. From this experience, I learned a lot about conducting and leading large-scale projects such as this.

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