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The Grad Chat Podcast    (April 2022)

The Safety Guru Podcast    (August 2022)


Alyssa Grocutt on CONNECT with Sarah Crosbie QR Calgary 107FM  January 2024

"Tragedy inspires PhD student's research"  December 2023

"Insights on safety from the rising star recipient"  November 2023

"Why rising star focuses on secondary victims of workplace incidents"  November 2023

"Winners of Canada's Safest Employers Awards for 2023 unveiled"  October 2023

"Turning tragedy into meaningful change"  October 2023

"Steps for Life raises money for those affected by workplace injury, death"  May 2023

"Kingston student’s life forever changed by father’s workplace death"  April 2023

"The Sam Laprade Show: PhD candidate at the Smith School of Business, Alyssa Grocutt, speaks on workplace safety"  April 2023

"Recent Suncor fatalities ‘devastating’ for survivors of other workplace tragedies"  September 2022

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