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PhD Organizational Behaviour
Smith School of Business, Queen's University

I am currently a PhD student in Management concentrating in Organizational Behaviour. My supervisor is Dr. Julian Barling and my research focuses on workplace safety.

For my dissertation, I will be studying the consequences of workplace safety incidents, injuries, and fatalities. I am interested in understanding the impact these tragedies have on leaders (e.g., direct supervisors, managers) that have to deal with them and manage the aftermath. This has received no research attention, but I know from talking to managers and supervisors that have experienced this that it affects them in many ways. 

To start, I will be interviewing leaders that have gone through this. Broadly, this research will contribute to our understanding of the consequences of workplace tragedies. Specifically, this research will enable us to better support leaders in dealing with these tragedies.

I am still early on in my PhD so this page will be updated as I progress in my studies. Please check back for more information! And visit my blog where I will be posting updates! Additionally, you can reach out to me via the contact information below to learn more about my research. Or, if you are able to provide any insights please do not hesitate to reach out.

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